This month we are celebrating poetry.

1. Poetry Out Loud

The national recitation contest. My students choose a poem to memorize and recite. Additionally, they research their poet (did you know Frost lost his wife and 4 of his 6 children in the same year?), they write their own poem mimicking their poet and finally, they artistically design a cover for their project. We has our contest last night. There is something magical about watching 30+ students recite poetry on stage. I am once again blown away at the level of maturity and talent teens have.

2. Poetry and Postcards

This year, my freshmen are teaming up with 5th graders in a project called Poetry and Postcards. The idea came from the 5th grade art teacher in my district. Her students painted postcards and my students are currently putting poems to their paintings. I have high hopes for this project. As one student was working I overheard her say: “I love this project. I love little kids, poetry and art. This is awesome.” My students are also writing letters to “their” 5th grader, thanking them for the inspiration and explaining their poem. I’m excited to see how this project turns out!


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