Summer Enrichment

Myself and eight crazy high school students will spend the next 8 days (5 hours a day!) writing memoirs.


It’s actually a very cool program. My school is calling it the Summer Institute. There’s a French Immersion class, a National History Day Bootcamp and a US Sports and History class running as well. Students take these pass/fail classes and earn 2 elective credits at the end of their 40 hours. I’m very excited to start on Monday. Especially since I scored another author to come and work with the kids! 

Rebecca Rule a hilarious local author and storyteller will share her wisdom and expertise with students on Wednesday. Why Becky? She has a phenomenal writing book for teachers and students called True Stories that she co-authored with Susan Wheeler. The book is geared toward college students, but if your kids are like mine, they’ll love that. I’ve used her Revisor’s Checklist and idea generators in my year-long classes for a few years now. Students in this enrichment course will all receive a copy of her book (and hopefully her autograph!). More on her visit to come.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see/borrow from our prompts or my syllabus, you can link to the class website here. Be kind, this is my first attempt at using GoogleSites! I’ll add to the GoogleSite each day as the class continues. Or stop by after the 4th of July and see what we did. 

Happy writing!



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2 responses to “Summer Enrichment”

  1. evelynkrieger says :

    I love the description of the class. I enjoy writing and reading memoirs. Have you found a backlash against this type of writing with the Common Core? I also am a new fan of Kelly Gallagher. For years I have been teaching my students to read like a writer as a way to improve their writing ability as well as enjoyment of books. Long before mentor texts were in vogue, I had my students try to glean an author’s authors “special effects”. Look forward to hearing the results!

    • teachergirlblog says :

      Hi Evelyn,
      Great question! Personally, I’m all about finding ways to make the common core work for me. I know the importance of this type of writing so I make the strands work with or around the writing I know works for my students. It’s my job to educate students. The core should simply be our road map to that education – not the be all and end all. In other words, I do not hesitate to “adjust” the strands when needed. =)

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